Thursday, November 20, 2014

Showdown: Adventures in the North

Jordan Jenkins. The lava beds outside of Prince Rupert

After a month on the road we’ve returned home to Vancouver. Our last few days on the road where a little sentimental. We reflected on the places we’ve been, the amazing food we’ve eaten and the people we’ve met. We’ve been so lucky to travel all over BC and meet some of the most amazing people and we’ve gone to some pretty awesome schools. 

(l-R) Jordan Jenkins, Chirag Naik, Dana Paul, Lili Beaudoin

A highlight of our trip was when we got a helping hand from the folks at Theatre North West. Our set was in need of some repairs and they offered the use of their facility. From the moment we arrived they made us feel welcomed, the TD John showed us the set for their upcoming production and he recommended lots of good places to eat around Prince George and Kamloops. 

Chirag Naik

I think another experience that will stick with all of us was at one of our shows in Kamloops. We arrived during the lunch hour and met a bunch of students. They were hockey fans, so we got along pretty well. They watched us practice and they gave us a few pointers on how to be better players. Several of the students even showed Jordan how to do a new trick. Lili bonded with some of the gymnastic students and they showed each other their best handstand.

Its experiences like these that reminded us why we work in theatre and why we love what we do.

It’s good to be home, just over a week of shows left. We can’t wait to make even more memories as we visit more schools around Vancouver.


The Showdown Gang.

A majestic eagle

Friday, October 24, 2014

Notes from the Road: Showdown

It is officially day 6 of our tour, but the 5 of us (three actors, a stage manager, and a little blow up clown named Bozo that we nabbed from our directors office before starting the trip) all agree that it feel like it’s already been weeks! We filled our two Kelowna days with Bowling, Lazer Tag and good food… I think we could have stayed in Kelowna the whole month! Nakusp was a beautiful little town surrounded by mountains and lake, our first show there we got in the gym and realized there was a bird stuck in the rafters. We were about 5 minutes from starting the show when a teacher suggested we turn off all the lights to attract attention to the natural light coming from outside and after about a minute of darkness the bird flew right out. Revelstoke is full of skiers and snowboarders. We found ourselves a fun pub on the main strip called The Village Idiot and ate some delicious burgers and soups. Now we are on our 3 day long drive, already done 1 day 2 more to go! Dana is hoping to see a moose she even has miniature plastic moose on the dashboard which is a “good luck in seeing large antlered animals” charm. Today we drive up north! Winter is coming…

Sincerely yours,


Chirag Naik, Lili Beaudoin, Jordan Jenkins

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Notice of Green Thumb Theatre's AGM

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Green Thumb Players Society(2013/14 Season)

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014at 6:15pm

5522 McKinnon Street, Vancouver

The meeting will be followed by a short reception.
Please RSVP to info@
(RSVP is not required for attendance but is appreciated)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Countdown to our 40th Anniversary!

'I see Green Thumb less as a theatre for young people and more as a theatre for formative minds'. -Morris Panych

The countdown to Green Thumb Theatre's 40th anniversary has begun! One year from now we will celebrate 40 years of bringing professional theatre to every corner of the province, from Fort Nelson to Bella Coola, Port Alberni to Revelstoke. Over the last 40 years Green Thumb has become a force to be reckoned with in the international world of theatre for young audiences. Green Thumb may seem like part of the scenery to BC audiences, but you may not know that we have performed, to great acclaim, in New York, Australia, Mexico, Asia and Europe as well as in every province in Canada and 36 US states. Green Thumb is an industry leader in the commissioning and producing of new plays for children, teenagers and young adults. Green Thumb has premiered over 75 plays, a number of which have been translated into 8 languages

In honour of our 40th season we're looking for parents or teachers who saw Green Thumb shows when they were in school and now have school age children seeing our plays. Our plan is to create an archive of community memories to chronicle the impact Green Thumb has had on the lives of BC youth ( 4 million audience members and counting). If you remember seeing one of our shows as a kid we'd love to hear from you, leave a comment on our website, email us ( or give us a call 604.254.4055 and tell us your story.  

"Green Thumb Theatre for Young People is an invaluable institution well deserving of its remarkable international reputation" - The Georgia Straight

"Green Thumb is one of the best theatre companies, children's or otherwise, in Canada" -
 The Globe & Mail